WordPress Malware Removal Service Saved Us!

My very expensive WordPress website was hacked by some unscrupulous criminal. If your sites are ever hacked, you will see the site may be hacked Google warning in the search results first. After I got over the initial shock, I noticed that there are many WordPress malware removal online services on the internet.  I was fortunate to locate RemoveMalware.net. My law firm was back in business in a couple of days.  My site was cleaned and hardening in a couple of days, and my law firm was back in business.

I learned a lot from the owner about ways to protect my website in the future. Cyber security is an important task for every WordPress website owner. Hackers are sophisticated, and the most accomplished are well educated. No longer are we seeing the smart teenagers hacking sites for fun. Hacking is big business, and some of the most talented individuals are the new cyber criminals. Billions of dollars are at stake. Thirty thousand websites are hacked each day, and the number is growing. Since no relief is in sight, the most important thing that you can do is to protect your website.

There are some measures to strengthen the security of a WordPress website that makes it difficult for malicious attackers to compromise sites. Although web attacks can happen to anyone, an ounce of prevention is well worth the time and effort. First and foremost, update WordPress to the latest version. All themes and plugins also should be updated. Passwords should be difficult to guess. Use an assortment of letters, numbers, and symbols so that hackers cannot brute force your site. Avoid the use of “admin” as the username. Using these few simple tips makes it difficult for hackers.

Hacking is a reality, and if your website is hacked, RemoveMalware.net will clean and remove all dangerous malware, harden your site against future attacks for an affordable fee of $99.99. The last thing that you need is an amateur fooling around with your site. You do not want more of a mess than you already have. The worst case scenario would be a complete crash of your site. Of course, with so many foreigners online, there is little if any guarantee.RemoveMalware.net is an American company. Anytime you want to reach them; they are available. The best customer service, I have seen.