Website Malware Removal Saved Corporate Site

Several weeks ago, I was taking care of some last minute details at the office and decided to look at our WordPress corporate site and see if the search engine rankings were holding steady for the past week. To my amazement, we did not come up in the search engines for the keywords; we did not even appear in the name of the main corporate site.

Something was wrong, and I called my website designer to see if he had any ideas to what happened to our rankings. This dilemma is getting interesting. The website designer does not know but will find out in twenty-four hours. Well, I never heard from him; he already left on vacation on a seven-day cruise. Well, I then contacted a malware expert who did a scan and told me that malware was the problem. A warning usually comes up on the search engine results that “this site may be hacked.” The malware expert fixed the problem, so I thought…the same problem came back in three days. Here I am, five days into the issue with no resolve. The next move was to contact another malware removal company to clean my site.

The third time is the charm; this time I was able to call and talk to the owner, and also was able to chat online for answers to some specific questions. He was knowledgeable and was able to fix the problem within 24 hours. He explained to me that most malware removal companies will remove the malware, but will offer nothing to close off portals to keep the malware from coming back. That was not the case with this service. I learned that websites that have vulnerabilities are more susceptible to malware. There are special WordPress plugins the pros use to stop malware or close these portals that are free to customers. If you need help with your website, click here to visit their site. Our technicians will clean your website and have it back online for a one time fee with guarantees that you will be satisfied.